At Divinus, there’s no such thing as “good enough.” We go out of our way to curate the highest-quality ingredients for ultimate potency and superior effectiveness. The result is a natural, luxurious wellness collection you have to feel to believe.

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The Divine Standard

While most CBD products contain traces of THC (0.3%), our meticulous extraction process removes all of it, resulting in THC-free (0.0%) CBD essentials. Our products are organic, 3rd-party tested, planet-friendly, pesticide-free and vegan—for self-care you can feel good about.

Made for Humankind

From easing pain to relieving anxiety, CBD has improved the quality of life of millions across the globe. And now, we’re growing it’s impact.

With every Divinus purchase, you’ll be able to donate a portion of the proceeds (2%) to a charity of your choice. It’s our small way of helping you to make the world a better place.